Graduate Admissions Counselling

Our Graduate Admissions intensive helps determine the most compelling way to present an individual’s academic and professional history, cultivating a distinguishing narrative that will effectively communicate their ambitions. We will make sure that the burden of applying becomes manageable for individuals who are over-occupied at work, creating a schedule that alleviates the pressure and stress that comes with delivering a top notch grad-school application.

We offer programs on a one-year or two-year time frame during which admissions counselors at Dream 3 work with applicants to:

Brainstorm and finalize powerful ideas for essays, providing guidance and feedback for personal statements and statements of purpose at every step.
Advise on testing strategies and formulate schedules to ensure that you are on course for effective performance.
Shortlist and make recommendations on individuals in your network to approach for letters of recommendations, both academic and professional.
Evaluate offers of admission and help you choose the college that would be ideal for your cognitive growth.
Assess and filter out the most worthwhile experiences on your resume, thereafter offering guidance on content, structure and formatting.
Research colleges and develop a balanced list of schools based on your profile, needs and desires.
Devise a comprehensive timeline to ensure that you complete all components of the application with enough time left for a holistic review.
Conduct targeted preparation for interview cycles including mock interviews with in-house counselors as well as a mock with an alumnus from the program.